Methanol Fuel Cell System

Methanol Reformer

Integrated methanol reformer-fuel cell systems are offered in 2.5, 5, 7.5*, 10* kW power outputs.
These products are available using air-cooled configurations for cost effective backup power and liquid-cooled for base-load applications including harsh and polluted environments.

Methanol Reformer

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Standard Configurations:

DC power with typical outputs of 24-27 or 48-54 DC volts with either positive or negative ground.
AC inverters are available on ALL systems, 120/208/220, 50/60 Hz. Transformer matching for higher voltage output.

A standard system is provided in aluminum, OSP (outside plant) enclosures. Systems can be installed on a concrete pad or supplied in our “Fast Deploy” cabinet which does not require a concrete base pad. Cabinets are offered in 2-door or 4-door configurations as shown with custom options available.

A complete methanol / fuel cell system is comprised at least of one cabinet, which includes the fuel cell electric generator, a methanol reformer and small “day” fuel tank in the base of the cabinet. Optional extended-run fuel tanks may be added to increase time between fuel deliveries as shown in the figure below. Standard fuel tanks are stainless steel; some plastic tanks can be approved for use as well. As an option the system can be installed in a standard ISO steel container with other equipment providing a fully integrated, single shelter or cabinet for your site.

Some common options include:

  • Remote monitoring via IP address interface:  CAT5 (std.), fiber, wireless, cellular, T1, modem
  • High altitude kit
  • High temperature operation kit for continuous output above 105° F (41° C)
  • Cold weather kit for operations below -20° F (-29° C)
  • Modular cabinets for roof-top sites


Cost savings! Methanol is typically cheaper than either diesel or propane. The reduction in operational costs can be significant, allowing for a rapid return on investment
Methanol is very common with worldwide commercial availability and distribution services
Liquid fuels contain many times the energy content than compressed gases allowing for longer run times and savings on fuel delivery services
Much lower maintenance and longer equipment life spans than combustion generators
Ideal for extended backup and off-grid baseload power generation

Extended duration backup power, Remote telecom tower sites, Railroad signaling and switching, Remote village power (international), Weather stations, Pipeline monitoring, Hybrid power with solar and wind generators     Natural disasters and emergencies, Border and perimeter security, Harsh and polluted environments, On-site hydrogen generation

* custom designs upon request

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