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First Element Energy is working to become the leading provider of low temperature fuel cell and liquid fuel reformer technology to power your business. Our efficient, powerful, compact, modular and remotely managed systems are a cost effective solutions to your critical business backup and base load or off-grid power needs. Our systems will make a positive difference for your business compared to traditional power sources and we can to put them to work on a large scale.

We offer multiple fuel options, pure clean hydrogen, liquid methanol and liquid ammonia by special request. These liquid fuels are LOWER cost than compressed hydrogen or diesel. They are also easily transportable, stable, have ultra low emissions and provide dramatically higher fuel storage in the same space compared to traditional compressed gas cylinders.




USTDA Awards Grant to First Element Energy

2014-04-10 22:36:56

Trade Lead: China – Fuel Cell Application for Telecommunications

A USTDA grant is partially funding a Feasibility Study and pilot project for Jiangsu Communications Services Company, Ltd. to evaluate fuel cell applications within the telecommunications infrastructure in China and achieve a design that is targeted and acceptable to the vast potential of the Chinese market. The fuel cell systems would be used for both backup and baseload or off-grid power, replacing lead acid batteries and diesel fueled combustion generators.  The Contractor is First Element Energy based in Lenexa, Kansas USA.

The pilot portion of the activity consisted of installation of First Element’s fuel cell units at two sites.  The first unit, which is fueled by compressed hydrogen gas, has been successfully tested and approved by a major Chinese carrier as a back-up power source for a telecommunications station.  The second system differs from the first because it is able to use a mixture of liquid methanol and water as fuel. The key feature on this second system is a reformer that converts the mixed liquid fuel into hydrogen gas, which is then used by the fuel cell to generate power. The advantages of the methanol system are near-zero emissions, lower fuel costs, easier fuel distribution, and much longer times between refueling intervals. This integrated system is able to cost-effectively compete against diesel generators in baseload power use.  In addition, in-country training has been completed on both systems and the feasibility study portion of the activity is nearing completion.

Please see the following link for the complete article and use the CONTACT screen for further information.    http://library.ustda.gov/tradeleads/april2014/tradelead04072014web.html

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Methanol System Purchase Order

2014-03-25 21:31:21

First Element Energy has been issued a multi-million dollar Purchase Order for our 3 kW base-load liquid-cooled Methanol Reformer fuel cell system for a major telecom operator in Indonesia.  This multi-year agreement will supply a minimum of 300 systems for use in off-grid rural environments.  First Elements 3-10kW air and liquid-cooled methanol products are for use in backup and base-load applications for the government, international, retail, and commercial sectors.

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First Element Energy Releases Methanol Reformed Fuel Cells

2014-02-14 11:21:20

First Element Energy, www.FirstElementEnergy.com,  is pleased to announce the release of methanol reformed power systems for the commercial, industrial, international, and government markets.  The 3 kW and 5 kW products are designed for extended back-up and base-load stationary power applications where extended run times of days, weeks, or months are required.  Combined with First Element Energy’s PEM hydrogen fuel cells these systems include AC and DC power options, remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities, and enclosure options including roof-top applications and uneven terrain.

Installed applications include international village off- grid remote location power, supplementing unreliable power grids, and railroad trackside monitoring.   Pending and potential applications include border security, cell tower power backup, pipeline monitoring, and food and water security.

Systems have been tested, approved, and installed in Asia, India, the United States and are pending in Africa and the Middle East.  These systems are currently in production and available for ordering.


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