HY~SINE Enhanced UPS

Fuel Cell System

HY~SINE ENHANCED UPS/Fuelcell generator with fuel cabinet.

Businesses need to keep running during power outages. Guaranteeing reliability and continuation of service throughout emergencies and natural disasters can ensure customer loyalty and revenue continuity.  It also fosters opportunities for community support along with brand recognition.  Fuel Cells bring these opportunities to the table.

The HY~SINE fuel cell system is a generator and UPS system combined together into one system known as an Enhanced UPS.  The built in UPS feature allows for glitch free power to be supplied to critical loads during power brown outs or black outs.



What can Fuel Cells Provide.

Investing in a backup power system can:

  • Allow for continuing operation of servers, communications, point of sale equipment, ATM operation and banking systems.
  • Minimize employee downtime
  • Independent operation without the power grid
  • Maintaining profitability


What else can Fuel Cells do?

Ultimately, Fuel Cells can supply extended backup power from 8 hours up to weeks, and other tecnical benefits include:

  • A small footprint with 3-20 kw technology in a single cabinet.
  • Fuel options including hydrogen gas and liquid methanol, for design flexibility and fuel cost savings
  • Replacing short duration UPS and generator sets
  • Automatic start upon grid failure
  • Minimal green house gas (GHG) emissions
  • Eligible for Federal and State rebates
  • Options of supplying DC or AC voltages