2 – 25 kw Products


2-25 kW Products

We offer two types of fuel cell systems, air-cooled or liquid-cooled. Additionally we offer the ability to run on two different fuels, either compressed hydrogen gas or liquid methanol.


Air-cooled systems are offered in:
2.5 ▪ 5 ▪ 7.5 ▪ 10 & 15 kW outputs.
Liquid-cooled systems are offered in:
3 ▪ 5 ▪ 6 ▪ 12 ▪ 20 & 25 kW outputs.


Designed for lower capital cost
backup power applications in average
environmental temperatures and air quality.
Ideal for all baseload, off-grid applications
with multi-year stack life. Well suited for
a full range of environmental and air quality
conditions. Lower cost backup application
also available.

Standard Configurations:

  • DC power with typical outputs of 24-27 or 48-54 DC volts with either positive or negative ground.
  • AC inverters are available on ALL systems, 120/208/220, 50/60 Hz. Transformer matching for higher voltage output.

A standard system is provided in aluminum, OSP (outside plant) enclosures. Systems can be installed on a concrete pad or supplied in our “Fast Deploy” cabinet which does not require a concrete base pad. Cabinets are offered in 2-door or 4-door configurations as shown with custom options available.

Fast Deploy
2-Door 4-Door, Total Station Power Fast Deploy


  • 2-Door & 4-Door cabinets can be equipped with conditioned compartments for communications equipment.
  • Fast Deploy Cabinets do NOT require a concrete pad for site installation.
  • Fuel cylinder cabinets or compartments hold 6-10 standard 2,400 psi (166 Bar) bottles.
  • If equipped with a reformer, liquid fuel tanks serve as the cabinet base.

Some common options include:

  • Remote monitoring via IP address interface:  CAT5 (std.), fiber, wireless, cellular, T1, modem
  • High altitude kit
  • High temperature operation kit for continuous output above 105° F (41° C)
  • Cold weather kit for operations below -20° F (-29° C)

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