HY~SINE 12.5kw

HY~SINE-fuel-cell-cabinetHY~SINE Enhanced UPS/Fuelcell generator with fuel cabinet.


The HY~SINE fuel cell system is a generator and UPS system combined together into one system.   The AC output of this system provides a zero glitch AC output which can sustain critical IT loads during brown outs and power outages.   This system can replace a typical UPS system to provide extended power.

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  • Output 12500 W @ 120 – 240 VAC
  • Industrial Controls with operator interface
  • Components UL/CSA, Stack: CSA, Cabinet NEBS exposure on request
  • Remote monitoring dry contact interface
  • Ethernet interface for data logging retrieval and remote monitoring and configuration
  • Fuel: Industrial Grade Hydrogen



  • Critical IT Loads
  • Telecommunications Gear
  • Business and Building Backup
  • Utility substation backup.
  • Railroad communications, signaling & switch protection.
  • Government & Military Communications.