First Element Energy Releases Methanol Reformed Fuel Cells


First Element Energy Releases Methanol Reformed Fuel Cells

First Element Energy,,  is pleased to announce the release of methanol reformed power systems for the commercial, industrial, international, and government markets.  The 3 kW and 5 kW products are designed for extended back-up and base-load stationary power applications where extended run times of days, weeks, or months are required.  Combined with First Element Energy’s PEM hydrogen fuel cells these systems include AC and DC power options, remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities, and enclosure options including roof-top applications and uneven terrain.

Installed applications include international village off- grid remote location power, supplementing unreliable power grids, and railroad trackside monitoring.   Pending and potential applications include border security, cell tower power backup, pipeline monitoring, and food and water security.

Systems have been tested, approved, and installed in Asia, India, the United States and are pending in Africa and the Middle East.  These systems are currently in production and available for ordering.


  • 14 Feb, 2014
  • Chester

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