Enhanced UPS Product Release


Enhanced UPS Product Release

Increasingly severe weather and man-made disasters are causing longer power outages affecting your revenue and profitability.  A more robust and longer running UPS allows your point-of-sale and ATM systems to operate longer, enables restocking orders, continues wireless communications and security networks, and allows you to support your customers when they need it the most- during emergencies.

First Element Energy’s enhanced fuel cell UPS product allows continued store operation and profitability for days or weeks, long after your competitor’s stores go ‘dark’.  This product replaces legacy battery operated UPS systems that typically run less than 30 minutes, has an internal instantaneous ATS (automatic transfer switch), remote monitoring, operations and alarms, and allows operation of motor loads, such as printers, that other UPS systems do not allow.

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  • 28 May, 2014
  • Steve

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