Electric Vehicle Charging Purchase Order


Electric Vehicle Charging Purchase Order

First Element Energy, a leader in the design and manufacturer of both hydrogen and methanol fuel cell systems is pleased to announce the order of a 12 kW hydrogen fuel cell from a large US electric utility.  The utility will operate the system for electric vehicle (EV) and electric service cart charging at their facility and remotely monitor operations from the plant engineering center.  This system can safely charge all EV’s from electric golf carts up to a Tesla Model S and meets all current car manufacturers’ requirements.  The 240 VAC power system features a fully integrated UPS and solid state automatic transfer switch compliant with Tier II EV charging standards. The project will validate the efficiency, benefits and commercial cost effectiveness of using fuel cells as a grid connected, grid- failure mode or distributed-generation solution for EV charging.   Both customer and employee training and education will be a key use of the system as a solution to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding EV and energy markets. Please use the website Contact Page for more information.

  • 31 Aug, 2015
  • Steve

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