Fuel Cell Market Applications

Fuel cell powered Telecommunication-tower

First Element Energy backup power
system for a cellular and microwave

Industrial (Chemical Plants)
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There is a large need for dependable backup, base-load and off-grid power that is distributed, dependable, cost effective and remotely monitored and managed.  Telecommunications, data/ IT, retail and commercial infrastructure are growth industries having critical processes that cannot be allowed to fail for economic and public safety reasons.

Tragic natural and man-made disasters demonstrate the need to protect your business and ensure the safety of your employees, data, and communications.  First Element Energy’s fuel cell products help you satisfy these requirements while meeting the increasingly stringent environmental standards for air quality emissions.

Our 2-100 kW hydrogen product line utilizes air-cooled and liquid-cooled technologies to support multiple applications with cost effective back-up power in moderate environments.  First Element’s 2.5- 10kW liquid methanol reformer based product line uses the same two technologies focused on extended backup and base-load power in harsh and polluted environments.  These products are also easily integrated with solar panels and wind generators for enhanced Return-on-Investment through lower fuel costs and longer refueling intervals.

Typical applications include:

  • Cellular and microwave tower power
  • Roof-top and modular power generation with ground floor refueling
  • Commercial and Retail business continuity
  • IT/ small data center backup power
  • Railroad signaling and switching networks
  • International village off-grid power
  • Poor-grid support for black-out and brown-out locations
  • Diesel generator replacement for environmentally, or landlord/ tenant, sensitive sites
  • Perimeter and border security

To meet prime power or off-grid, continuous duty applications our liquid fueled reformer modules allow the use of methanol as a fuel which is a fraction of the cost of diesel fuel and provides significant reductions in operating costs. Methanol is widely available both domestically and internationally.

Also developed are industrial products for use in facilities using or producing hydrogen as a waste product. Using our fuel cell technology, this gas stream can be turned into electricity, offsetting baseload demand and reducing costs by helping to power the plant.  The low temperature heat generated can also be used for heating and cooling, with optional equipment, to assist with in-plant cost reduction