Air Cooled 6.5 – 13.0 kw Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

First Element Fuel Cell systems offer the latest in stationary power applications innovation.   This system provides an environmentally friendly solution that requires minimal maintenance with high reliability and longer life.  Equipment integration requires a smaller site footprint.  Now available with a fast deploy cabinet option, no concrete pad needed.

Air cooled fuel cell

Air Cooled Fuel Cell with Fuel Cabinet

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  • Output 6500-13000 W @ 48 VDC +/- 15%
  • 23″ Rack Mountable
  • Industrial Controls with operator interface
  • Components UL/CSA, Stack: CSA, Cabinet NEBS exposure on request
  • Remote monitoring dry contact interface
  • Ethernet interface for data logging retrieval and remote monitoring and configuration
  • Fuel: Industrial Grade Hydrogen



  • Communications: Cell & Microwave Towers, Wire-line, cabinets, Central Office Switch & POP Sites
  • Business and Building Backup
  • Utility substation backup.
  • Railroad communications, signaling & switch protection.
  • Government & Military Communications.